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Situated in the affluent city of Jianyang, SASPG covers an area of 800000m2 with a floor space up to more than 300000m2.

Since its founding in 1966, the company has kept on increasing its operation scales and in 2014, the annual production capacity reached 50000 tons. Through many years of development, the company has acquired strong investment capability and has already established a number of entities. Currently, the company has 17 holding companies and 7 share holding companies.

As one of the large-sized manufacturers in China, a pivotal enterprise in China's machinery industry, one of the cryogenic equipment design and fabrication bases and also one of the backbone enterprises in Sichuan Provincial critical equipment fabrication industry, SASPG is mainly engaged in the design, fabrication, marketing of large, medium and small air separation plants, cryogenic liquid (cryogenic liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon, liquid carbon dioxide, ethylene, LNG and liquid hydrogen) tanks, trailers, ISO tanks and vaporizers, super insulated cylinders, vacuum pipes, natural gas (associated gases) liquefaction and separation plants, cryogenic pumps, medium and small-sized piston compressor, cryogenic values and ambient-temperature valves, special valves and medical oxygen central supply system, medical central suction system, purified operation theatres, dissolved acetylene and environmental protection equipment as well as industrial gases production and sales.

SASPG boasts of excellent fabrication facilities, strong technological ability and perfect inspection measures. With a provincial level technical center, Sichuan cryogenic equipment research institute and welding institute, the company is endowed with very strong research & development and design and fabrication capability. The technology and performance of the products have already reached the international level. The company has acquired the pressure vessel design and fabrication certificates issued by the Chinese government for Class A1, A2 and C2 pressure equipment and B3 certificate for liquid cylinders, ASME certificate, U & U2 stamps, ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and Chinese military product quality certification.

In the years of development, the company has gradually formed its four main lines of business, i.e. air separation plants, LNG plants, cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment and industrial gases as well as their associated equipment fabrication business. In this way, SASPG has already established a production structures based on the pattern of "Four Main Lines of Business and Diversified Development".

SASPG has always paid great attention to research and development and consistently increased investment to upgrade the technology, such as improving the efficiency of the fabrication facilities and introducing first class international design and fabrication soft wares to improve the quality of the products, which have already resulted in remarkable progress. The company can produce more than 200 categories of products with over 1500 different specifications, which can not only be applied in cryogenic field but also in non-cryogenic industry.

The medium and large-sized air separation plants and various cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment designed and fabricated by SASPG have maintained the title "Sichuan Provincial Famous Brand" for consecutive 10 years.

SASPG has established excellent marketing and service network in China and has provided a large number of high-efficiency energy saving products for metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, machinery building industry, national defense, space industry and health industry in China. More than 20 products have filled up the technological gap in China and more than ten different products have entered the international market. SASPG has consecutively maintained the leadership in the air separation field in China. SASPG has the import and export license and the products have already been exported to more than 30 countries and region. The company has already established a good reputation both home and abroad.

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Founded in 1966, Sichuan air separation plant (Group) Co., Ltd. has become a world-class manufacturer of air separation equipment and natural gas liquefaction units. It has designed and produced more than 300 sets of air separation equipment and more than 30 sets of LNG units, and has the design capacity of 80000-120000nm3/h air separation equipment and 50-1000t/d liquefaction units.


1966---founded as a
solely-funded stateowned limited company;
2001---the company
was restructured into a
limited company.
Up to 2010, the
Company consists of 6
branch companies, 18
subsidiaries, 3 research
institutes and holds shares
of other 11 enterprises

Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group
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No. of Employees : 2000~2500

Annual Sales : 600million-700million

Year Established : 1966

Export p.c : 60% - 70%


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group Certification China Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group Certification China Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group Certification China Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group Certification